Don’t Be A Loser to Inflation | Invest Your Money

Nov 24, 2021 | Cranes, Shoring, Trench Boxes

What will the value of your dollar be tomorrow? Postponing investment leads to revenue loss due to inflation. We have a smart place to invest your money, especially in today’s volatile economic climate. We are inviting insightful entrepreneurs like you to invest in the products that family-owned Kundel Industries manufactures to solve both material handling and trench safety issues. The foundation of a strong sales model at Kundel is our product standards, and this addition to your business success promises an excellent return on investment. We have built an industry leading reputation with a focused approach to constructing only the best-in-class products that have in turn created true customer loyalty.

Kundel’s Entrepreneurial Roots Inspires Outstanding Product Centric Value

Kundel Industries entrepreneurial spirit was born around the kitchen table when in the late 1980’s construction took a downturn. Robert Kundel Sr. used his experience in construction to build a trench box to suit every contractor’s needs. During the manufacturing process of these quality trench boxes, one overhead crane wasn’t going to solve their material handling problems. These challenges sparked the resourceful minds at Kundel to develop new product lines, offering custom Jibs and overhead bridge cranes with pendulating runways and articulating bridges. As the years have passed, Kundel has continued to refine the manufacturing and safety of both product lines produced on site to offer only the best of the best in trenching and material handling to our dealers and customers.

Revenue Growth with Material Handling and Trench Safety Equipment

In the words of famous entrepreneur Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right.” Kundel industries knows we can and believes you can too. Our products offer entrepreneurs like you the opportunity to stretch and grow your revenue by selling or renting our locally manufactured trench safety and material handling equipment. By partnering with like-minded small business entrepreneurs who share our commitment to excellence and grit to succeed, we can be the wheels to economic growth for your platform as well as ours. And although we are a local manufacturer in northeast Ohio, technology makes it possible to expand into your regional or even global markets with products that offer lifesaving trench safety features, a lifetime warranty, and an industry leading 10:1 safety factor in material handling.

Don’t lose to inflation. Invest your money with proven products and benefit from Kundel Industries successful sales model. For sales opportunities, call us at 1.877.586.3353.


By: Jennifer Balest

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