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Jul 1, 2021 | Cranes

Excellence demands excellence. So, when the country’s premier engine remanufacturer wants the best crane systems for their factory, there was only one choice for them. Now with over 10,000 linear feet of Ktrac crane rail and countless SnapTrac crane systems in place, Jasper Engines & Transmissions is fully outfitted with Kundel products. When over half of all NASCAR teams run Jasper transmissions, you know they only want the best for their product.

The relationship between Kundel and Jasper started in 2014 with a simple 4 post, 27’ by 29’ twin bridge system. Cory Durcholz, plant manager said “Overall, we like the systems and Kade and I prefer them over other systems.” After that, it was decided that they wanted to replace every existing crane system throughout all their facilities with Kundel systems. In 2015 alone, Team Jasper purchased and installed 23 different Ktrac systems. Over 100 posts were set in place and their facility has never been more efficient. Their flagship system being a 101’ long system supported by 10 posts, sporting nine 17’ long bridges and yes, featuring our internal wireless electric bar.

We are now set to deliver their largest crane system since our relationship began. This one is 140’ long with a continuous runway on one side, and the other side broken into two sections requiring two different length bridges. Kundel’s engineering team and the design of our systems allow us to turn your problems into solutions. We can cover longer spans at higher capacities than anyone else in the industry and we are proud of it. Knowing our crane systems help keep Americans safe and efficient is what drives us to produce the best crane systems in America.


Written by: Drew Graham


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