Types of Overhead Factory Cranes

Feb 5, 2021 | Cranes

There are three types of overhead factory cranes.

  1. Single girder overhead cranes
  2. Double girder overhead cranes
  3. Winch trolly overhead cranes

Single Girder Overhead Cranes:

The electric single overhead girder crane is a standard 0.5~10t ton-lifting equipment, consisting of a single-girder beam, a single-girder hoist, an engine end car, and the full panels.

It can be installed on the columns of steel. It is also commonly used in the factory, mines, port, warehouse, and other material processing areas to improve work quality and the working environment for the machinery. The best use of volume, since it is mounted on the top of the farm.

Double Girder Overhead Cranes:

The double girder’s overhead crane is made up of the main beam, travel mechanism, extended mechanism, and electrical equipment. It can be split into three types of work: A5, A6, A7, A8, according to the frequency of use. It is extensively used in steel, building, warehousing, freight, cement, and other heavy-duty works.

They depend on the bridge frame in the orbiting direction of the workshop running lengthways, the chariot moving transversally around the main beam, and the hook’s lifting action to operate. As it lifts to 350 by limit, most consumers have satisfied their specifications.

Winch Trolly Overhead Cranes:

It is commonly used in homes, water power plants, bridges, metals, mines, etc. This electric winch may be used. It can also be used alone for any tasks on the overhead crane, compact crane.

As long as the engine runs, the brake is isolated automatically, and the motor ceases, and the brake is closed for wind breaking automatically. The electric winch adopts a mechatronic inner cone braking system.

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