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Kits Sorted by Height:

4ft x 4ft (L x H) Systems
Part No.Length x HeightWidth (min/max)Total Weight
HJ-1727-4X4-PL-K4ft x 4ft17in / 27in290 lbs
HJ-2236-4X4-PL-K4ft x 4ft22in / 36in294 lbs
HJ-2542-4X4-PL-K4ft x 4ft25in / 42in297 lbs
HJ-3456-4X4-PL-K4ft x 4ft34in / 56in305 lbs
HJ-4064-4X4-PL-K4ft x 4ft40in / 64in310 lbs
HJ-5288-4X4-PL-K4ft x 4ft52in / 88in320 lbs
4ft x 6ft (L x H) Systems
Part No.Length x HeightWidth (min/max)Total Weight
HJ-1727-4X6-PL-K4ft x 6ft17in / 27in382 lbs
HJ-2236-4X6-PL-K4ft x 6ft22in / 36in386 lbs
HJ-2542-4X6-PL-K4ft x 6ft25in / 42in389 lbs
HJ-3456-4X6-PL-K4ft x 6ft34in / 56in397 lbs
HJ-4064-4X6-PL-K4ft x 6ft40in / 64in402 lbs
HJ-5288-4X6-PL-K4ft x 6ft52in / 88in412 lbs
4ft x 8ft (L x H) Systems
Part No.Length x HeightWidth (min/max)Total Weight
HJ-1727-4X8-PL-K4ft x 8ft17in / 27in490 lbs
HJ-2236-4X8-PL-K4ft x 8ft22in / 36in494 lbs
HJ-2542-4X8-PL-K4ft x 8ft25in / 42in497 lbs
HJ-3456-4X8-PL-K4ft x 8ft34in / 56in505 lbs
HJ-4064-4X8-PL-K4ft x 8ft40in / 64in510 lbs
HJ-5288-4X8-PL-K4ft x 8ft52in / 88in520 lbs

These are standard kit sizes. We have stock available to ship. To speak with a technical specialist for help choosing the right size for the job, please contact us at +1(330)259-9009.

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