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Production Safety
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Kundel Trench Boxes


Kundel Industries
is a bedding box and trench box manufacturer located northeast Ohio. Our family-based business focuses on providing customers with the best possible production safety system solutions and products for their jobsite.
With three generations of excavating expertise in the Kundel family, we know exactly what contractors need in the field. You can trust Kundel Industries to deliver excellence every time.

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Benefits of Trench Boxes & Trench Safety

Stabilize the Earth Icon

1. Stabilize the Earth

Trench boxes are designed to hold up the earth on the side of the trench whereas our trench shoring products are designed to force against and support the trench walls. This helps prevent soil from falling or caving into the trench while workers are inside.

Increase Life of the Trench Icon

2. Increase Life of the Trench

Trenches often suffer from a short life span due to inclement weather conditions or because of the quality of the earth. A trench box can help increase this life span. Sometimes, trench boxes can hold trenches in place for several months.

Minimize Digging Requirements Icon

3. Minimize Digging Requirements

Because the trench box stabilizes the trench and increases its life span, not as much digging has to be done. Once the trench is built, the trench box helps hold it in place so workers don’t have to keep maintaining the trench. This saves on extra labor costs and helps move the project along.

Worker Jobsite Safety & Protection Icon

4. Worker Jobsite Safety & Protection

This is the most important benefit of trench boxes. Every worker deserves to be given a safe environment. Trench boxes eliminate many of the external threats, making it easier to move throughout the trench. This can even minimize minor injuries such as rolled ankles and scrapes.

What is the Meaning of Production Safety?

Production safety is extremely important because it keeps workers safe, promotes a culture of being alert to risks, and preserves excavation sites. This includes:

  • Wearing protective gear
  • Assessing risks properly
  • Effective communication
  • Comprehensive training

By prioritizing production safety, the industry can minimize workplace incidents, protect the health and welfare of its workforce, and ensure the responsible execution of projects. It’s what matters most to us at Kundel Industries.


Kundel Industries is the premier overhead crane company. We’re the best in the business when it comes to making overhead bridge cranes and material handling equipment. We have developed lifting products that seamlessly fit into your workplace, so you can work smoothly with our equipment.

This not only helps you save time, but also ensures that you’re following OSHA standards and practices. Our main priority is to keep you safe and boost your productivity with manufactured safety equipment.

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a kundel overhead crane installed on a mountain

Benefits of Bridge Cranes & Jib Cranes

OSHA Complaince & Safety Icon

1. OSHA Compliance & Safety

Kundel Industries is the leading overhead crane manufacturer in the industry. We’re here to keep you compliant with OSHA Lifting Guidelines. Using our top-of-the-line bridge cranes and jib cranes, you can lift heavy loads easily and safely.

Increased Production Icon

2. Increased Production

Speed up production and reduce cycle and manufacturing lead times with Kundel cranes and material handling equipment. We offer a wide range of products from lift assist devices for manufacturing to large overhead bridge crane solutions.

Expanded Capabilities Icon

3. Expanded Capabilities

Increase your ability to expand your product offering by being able to lift, move, and manipulate bulky items that once needed a forklift. Let our team help you maximize floor space and minimize your risk.

Maximizing Floor Space Icon

4. Maximizing Floor Space

Manufacturing floor space is not cheap and getting the most out of your facility is key to your success. Kundel cranes have up to 30% more square foot coverage than our nearest competitor by utilizing our patented endtruck assembly. It achieves the shortest end approach in the industry which translates to the best square footage coverage in your facility.

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