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The K-Trac is the Most Useful

I have a lot of tools but the K-Trac is the most useful and it will enable me to work for 10-15 more years.

Phil Caplinger

Owner - CNC Metal Design
Leesburg, VA

Nice Simple Install

We have had a chance to use it and all of our welders love it.  The department manager took the time to get feedback from all the crew.  They like how smooth it is and how clean the electrical is on it.  It was a nice simple install and went together easily.  The system itself is a really nice design and works well.

Travis Ballard

Owner - Accessories Unlimited LLC
Detroit Lakes, MN

I Look Forward to Working with Kundel Again

My guys prefer to use Kundel boxes because of the quality and how well they hold up.  I appreciate working with a Christian company who really puts into action what they preach. I look forward to working with Kundel again in the future.


Chuck Langman

Owner - Langman Construction
Rock Island, IL
Production Safety Equipment

Leading Innovator in Trench Protection!

Kundel is the leading innovator in trench protection and soil retention products due to Kundel’s excavation experience which goes into all of their products.

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Dave Pateuk

Owner - North East Shoring
Norton, MA
Production Safety Equipment

Dealer Support is Great!

I ran across Robert Kundel Sr at a tradeshow and within weeks we were doing business together.  I really appreciate all the advancements they have made over the years and the support they have shown my company and family while dealing with them.

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Al Heckmann

Owner - Heckmann Sales and Leasing
Dayton, OH

Three guys to usually do one project, now only takes one!

SnapTrac; a new added piece of machinery that we put in the shop that has helped the efficiency, takes three guys to usually do one project, now only takes one!

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Ryan Friedlinghaus

Owner - West Coast Customs
Burbank, California
Production Safety Equipment

I Have Confidence in the Kundel Line

As a dealer for Kundel, I know my factory rep is always within reach to answer any technical questions that may arise. I have confidence in the Kundel line of products, as they often outperform the competition in both functionality and price.

Mike Campbell | Iron Lot

Owner - Iron Lot

Maximum lengths and widths

As soon as I seen the Kundel product had no Festooning and I could get maximum lengths and widths on the runway\bridges, that was the sell point for me.

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Ken Timmings

Owner - KTSDI

We Love It

We love it and recommend it to everyone who walks through the facility.

Chris Micklitz

Production Supervsor - SubSea Sensors, Inc
Stafford, TX

Really Appreciate the Help

I really appreciate the help that you have given us with the modifications that we have had to make to get the equipment according to our process.

Jose Antonio Perez

Avery Dennison

We love the Mobilization of the System!

I appreciate you guys with all the help getting the shipping handled and the box to me.  We love the mobilization of the system and we want to purchase more in the next few months.

Kevin Maieritsch

Owner - Water Centric
Carrollton, Texas
Production Safety Equipment

Awesome Customer Service

Thank you again for the awesome customer service and help on this, it is very much appreciated.

Nathan Landreth

Industrial Engineer - STOBER Drives INC.
Maysville, Kentucky

Their Team of Professionals go the Extra Mile

Kundel Industries is a great company to work with when it comes to providing shoring needs. Their team of professionals go the extra mile to meet our expectations for quality and customer service. They make sure the job is done to our satisfaction.

Josh Rudrick

Kokosing Management - Kokosing Construction Company

The best cranes on the market

If you are doing restoration work where you are lifting bodies or engines or just about anything, this is the way to go. We love all this neat stuff!

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Jay Leno

Owner - Big Dog Garage
Burbank, California