Kundel Industries Inc. Products Videos

Crane Trolley Comparison
Topics: How the conductor bar povides power, How the power runs through the overhead crane, How Kundel provides you with a “Plug-and-Play” system, Why overhead crane internal electric increase production.

Crane Comparison
Topics: How Kundel overhead cranes are built, How our overhead crane sections bolt together to make longer runs, How the automatic runway leveling system, Kundel quoting, 10:1 safety factor.

The Collector – Safety Option
Topics: Location where the overhead crane collector connects to the trolley, how the wires connect, single phase and multi-phase overhead crane applications and how the collector works with both.

Crane Wheel Comparison
Topics: Our overhead crane trolleys, Trolley design, Rigid wheels vs flexible wheels, Steel bearing shielded design, Why oversized wheels move better, Why our overhead cranes increase production.

The Conductor Bar – Safety Option
Topics: How the overhead crane conductor bar and collector join together to provide power, Where the conductor bar is located inside the overhead crane, The advantages of the overhead crane conductor bar.

Overhead Cranes – Internal Electric
Topics: This video will show the major differences between overhead crane internal conductor bar and typical overhead crane festooning supplied with workstation cranes. Get to know the pros and cons to each.