Kundel Industries Inc. Products Videos

Changing Decades of Design| Engineering Movement
Topics: Kundel Cranes has been developing and innovating the way cranes and jibs have been built for the last 20 years..

Reducing Workplace Injuries |Crane Features You Need to See
Topics:How can using a crane reduce workplace injuries? Find out how Kundel Cranes can make a difference in your factory.

Kundel | Concrete Issues EXPLAINED
Topics: Kundel has been innovating since the ’80s and something most people don’t know is that we do a freestanding Jib that can save you thousands. In most cases, you will spend up to $11,000 dollars on foundation work alone. Kundel has patented a pod system design that allows you to anchor to existing concrete, saving you a bunch of money and even more time.

Kundel Crane’s| Built-In Features Cut Install Time
Topics: Drew goes over a plethora of KTrac post installation pointers. Our crane systems are non-rigid which allows the bridge(s) to articulate & pendulate, so they install a little differently than other crane systems.

Kundel Industries’ | Revolutionary Jib PODs
Topics: At Kundel, we’ve developed a patented POD system that eliminates the need for a poured footer, saving you money. Also, if/when you want to move your jib crane to another area or rearrange the workflow of your shop simply shear off the bolts & reinstall at its new location.

Reducing Workplace Injuries | The Right Equipment
Topics: Kundel Cranes offers unique features in the crane industry that can greatly reduce workplace injuries.