Basic Series and Titan Series Bedding Boxes 

Do not underestimate the value of a bedding box that will allow you to increase production, reduce material loss, and make it easier on your machine and operator. With industry only features that include; standard walk and drag bar, heavily reinforced design, formed channel strength, easy sight in, easy fill, and no spill design. The Kundel bedding box was designed by contractors for contractors, experience the difference.


What is a Bedding Box?

A bedding box is a large, fabricated steel container that holds backfill material contractors use during underground pipe installation or on general construction sites. The backfill materials used in pipeline construction often include aggregate/crushed rock and sand. Backfill in a trench is designed to absorb some of the loads passed through the pipe to the trench sidewalls as the pipe deflects. The first purpose of a bedding box is to reduce backfill material waste on the jobsite. The second purpose of a bedding box is to increase productivity by setting up a rhythm for the excavator operator by giving him or her an endless supply of bedding material in easy reach. Bedding boxes come in different sizes and duty strengths to match the work being done and the excavator being used on the jobsite.


How does a Bedding Box work?

The suggested procedure for using a bedding box involves the wheel loader and excavator operators. It is the responsibility of the wheel loader operator to fill the bedding box from a stockpile of material and keep it filled while the excavator operator is working to create an endless supply of material in easy reach. It is the excavator operator’s responsibility to position the bedding box so it can be dug out of easily while giving access to the wheel loader operator to continually fill it. The excavator operator can move an empty box by using the bucket of the excavator and the walk bar mounted on the bedding box. When the bedding box is full it should be skidded or pushed along the trench. The bedding box is a tool, and it should be used the in the way that it was designed to be used. Careless use will cause damage and cost you money.



What Bedding Box is Right For Me?

Selecting the right bedding box depends on the size excavator, job specifications, the durability level that meets the needs of your job site, and the features of the bedding box required to make your job more productive. At Kundel we manufacture Basic, Standard, and Heavy-Duty bedding boxes in sizes that range from 4.5 to 15 cubic yards to meet all the needs of todays contractors.

Our customers find that unlike our competition the Kundel Titan Bedding Boxes are built to take a beating and still be ready for the next job. We focus on the features and benefits that bring a stronger and longer lasting product with exclusive innovation such as:

Walk Bar – Solid welded to create an extra strong box
Drag Bar – Welded to two heavy plates and inset from the front of the box, it helps strengthen the box and hold the sides in place
Roll-up Bottom – Base ends are rolled up, allowing for easy box movement

These are just some of the standard features that you will receive with your Titan Bedding Box to dramatically increase the life and functionality of your investment.


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