Grippers, Balancers and Manipulators

Patented Quick-Lift Systems™ transforms heavy lifting into part of an efficient and precise production chain. The lift becomes a direct extension of the hand’s movements and requires only 20 g of actuating force to lift up to 300 kg. Our ergonomic lifting devices are light weight and very easy to maneuver.

Together with a stable suspension, it offers a smooth side movement with minimal risk for unforeseen oscillation. Unique integrated mechanical, electrical, pneumatic swivel enables continuous rotation of gripper. Quick-Lift Systems™ is available in the weight classes 50, 100, 200 and 300 kg.

Ergonomic Product Grippers

Hook, Mechanical, Electric and Air

Standard & Custom

A standard below the hook vacuum and standard magnetic gripper is available. All other units are custom built to meet applications needs.

Ergonomic Balancers

Crane Rail Mounted Solutions


Rail units come in three standard sizes 125kg, 200kg, and the 300kg units. Each unit comes with 2.7m stroke length and are 230v single phase.

Ergonomic Jib Arms

Floor or Wall Mounted Solutions


Arm Units come in four sizes 50kg, 100kg, 200kg and 300kg units. Each unit comes with 2.7m length and are 230v single phase.


Quick-Lift System™

Grippers. Customized solutions for your company

To lift and handle loads are working situations which have to run smoothly. With Quick-Lift System™ you can easily adapt lifting solutions after the conditions in your company, thanks to our built-in functionalities. This means that you will have a system working optimal according to your need, despite the challenges you have in your operation. If you cannot find the correct alternative here, please feel free to contact us.



How to lift? We support you with finding the best lifting method!




What do you want to lift? We have the solution for your object!

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