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Vacuum & Mechanical Grippers

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lift assist balancers

Lift Assist Balancers

Rail Mounted Lift Assist


Available in 110, 220, 440 and 660 lb capacity

Built-In 106″ stroke length

Float Mode Feature

lift assist jib arms

Lift Assist Jib Arms

Floor & Wall Mounted Lift Assist


Available in 110, 220, 440 and 660 lb capacity

Built-In 106″ stroke length

Float Mode Feature

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The Servo Control Advantage

Is Servo Control Superior to Air Driven Control?

Lift Assist Devices for Manufacturing | Servo control is far superior to air control in the fact that you are able to remove all the jumping and jerking associated with fast air release moving the product at an unsafe speed, thereby increasing the risk of injury to the user and damage product being lifted.

Servo-controlled motion is instant but precise, creating a fluid movement that mimics the natural movement of the human body.

Lift Assist Devices for Manufacturing Icon

1. Lift Assist Devices for Manufacturing

Safely and precisely lift and move glass, windows, door panels, auto interior components and more with ease by utilizing our ergonomic lift assist devices for manufacturing.

With end effectors like a hook, vacuum, magnetic or mechanical grippers intuitively attached to your machine, the lift becomes a direct extension of the hand’s movement. Lifting up to 660 lbs is like lifting a set of car keys. Our ergonomic lifting devices create a seamless and fluid workflow.

Reducing Work-related Injuries Icon

2. Reducing Work-related Injuries

Our integrated safety features offer smooth movements through the operation greatly reducing the risk of injury and keeping you OSHA compliant. Our 360 swivel handle allows the user precise control of the device throughout the operation, whether flipping or rotating your product.

Project-based Analysis and Design Icon

3. Project-based Analysis and Design

Making the call to Kundel Industries puts you immediately in touch with a specialist who walks you through your project scope and helps determine how our GrippersBalancers and Jib Arms can become invaluable assets in your assembly processes.

Our expert can help you and your team analyze the detail of your project and come up with a solution that integrates seamlessly into your already proven process. We look forward to partnering together with your team to create a productive and safe working environment for your facility.

Find the Right Custom Lifting Solution for Your Industrial Needs

What is a Lift Assist Device?

A lift assist device is a specialized type of equipment used for lifting heavy loads. These devices are designed to help reduce the risk of injury and make it easier to move heavy objects in industrial workplaces.

Lift assists for manufacturing come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can include solutions like lift assist balancers or lift assist jib arms, depending on your needs. They’re designed to fit the needs of different industrial applications.

What Lifting Devices are Used in Industrial Workplaces?

At Kundel Industries, we offer a wide range of manufacturing lifting devices for industrial workplaces. Our devices come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to find the right one for your needs.

We offer lifting devices for manufacturing that are designed to help with a variety of tasks, such as lifting and lowering heavy items, providing support when moving items, and providing additional stability when transporting objects.

What Equipment Can be Used to Assist Moving Stock?

At Kundel Industries, we have a wide range of equipment that can be used to help move stock in industrial workplaces.

We offer a variety of lift assist devices for manufacturing, such as manual and powered lifts, hoists, and pallet jacks. We also offer a range of other equipment, such as forklifts, skids, trolleys, and ladders to help move heavy items. We understand the importance of safety when it comes to industrial workplaces, which is why we offer a range of equipment that can help you move items safely and efficiently.


Lift Assist Solutions by Application

Lift Assist Solutions by Application

Lift Assist Grippers. Customized Solutions

To lift and handle loads are working situations which have to run smoothly. With our lift assist devices for manufacturing, you can easily adapt lifting solutions after the conditions in your company, thanks to our built-in functionalities.

This means that you will have a system working optimally according to your need, despite the challenges you have in your operation. If you cannot find the correct alternative here, please feel free to contact us.



How to lift? We support you with finding the best lifting method!




What do you want to lift? We have the solution for your object!

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Lift Assist Device for Manufacturing
Setting New Standards

Highest Quality
in Lift Assist Devices
Twist-Lock Handle Controls
Twist-lock connection ensures safe and secure connection with communications
Simple Push Button Operation 
Push button operation for quick and simple operation with no process down time.
Simple Quick-Disconnect
Easily change between manipulators with this quick release system
High Precision Servo Motor

High Precision Servo Motor

State-of-the-Art high precision servo drive motor ensures smooth and accurate movement

High Perfomance Coating

High Perfomance Coating

High quality three part industrial enamel coating  ensures long lasting surface protection.

Robust Cable Knuckle Assembly

Robust Cable Knuckle Assembly

Two stage knuckle pulley drive system ensures smooth operation thru the fulll range of motion.

Precision Pulley Guide

Precision Pulley Guide

Tangle free pulley guide system ensures no cable binding or tracking issues during use.

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