ISTRUT: Modular Framing System
with Motion Performance

Designed for Engineering. Built For Manufacturing. Designed to Entertain

ISTRUT: Modular Framing System
with Motion Performance

Designed for Engineering. Built For Manufacturing. Designed to Entertain

Modular aluminum framing system
What is it? istrut® is a modular aluminum framing system. The modular extrusion components clamp and bolt together with tube clamps, barrel nuts, and plates. Its pre-engineered, patented design allows you to solve movement issues to get the job done. Traditional T-slot systems can’t compare to the motion performance and aesthetics of istrut.
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Crane Kit

Crane Kits

istrut has a full range of overhead Crane Kits, with capacities ranging from 50lb to 2,000lb. Available crane kits can be ceiling hung, free standing, frame, or wall mount…

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Automation Kit

Automation Kits

istrut comes in a wide range of work cell ergonomic kits that help your team get more done, safely. Preassembled kits include benches, dual overhead axis…

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Display Kit

Display Kits

istrut has a range of Display Kits available that can be tailored to meet your requirements. The modular components make it easy to transport, set up, and take down…

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Modular components


istrut offers modular components with engineering data to support you in designing and building your own kit or customizing one of our existing kits…

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Modular components


View a variety of  istrut appliations using  modular components to create unique product offerings that range from custom lifters to enclosures, conveyors and much more..

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Understanding The Design

Simple Beam Design – Thick flanges offer motion and clamping capabilities at outstanding weight-to-strength ratio

You Dream It, You Build It.
And you don’t even need to weld it.

Important Terminology

Profiles istrut comes in two extrusion profiles, “C” and Tube Beam shape.
Profile Style The shape or design of a modified profile with or without the barrel nut option.
Height The distance between tubes.
Series There are currently two series, 50 and 100. The difference between the series is the diameter of the tube.
Kundel Aluminum Framing System in a workshop
iStrut Crane Kit

The iStrut Concept

iStrut’s creative design gives users the ability to build powerful applications. As you are designing your structure, we invite you to keep in mind the following built-in concepts:

Simple The outer flange of istrut provides a powerful and easy connection for clamps and plates.
Smart The outer tube forms a seamless runway that can be used with our trolleys to move tools, heavy objects, and more.
Tough istrut’s 45° tubular design redefines contemporary load distribution, allowing you to lift more with less.
Adaptable Uniquely designed tubing allows profiles, joints, and plates to connect in a multitude of ways.

Pull It All-Together With Motion Clamping System and Trolley Systems

iStrut Clamping System
istrut Clamping Systems literally brings everything together. Available Clamps: Tube Clamps, Single, Double, Rail Clamp and Inside Clamp. Many of the clamping systems utilize specially engineered barrel nuts.
iStrut Trolley System
istrut Trolley Systems give motion to your framing system. Available Systems: Enclosed Trolleys, Beam Trolleys, and C Trolleys.


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