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shorelite series aluminum trench boxes

Shorelite Series

Aluminum Trench Boxes

v-panel aluminum trench box


Aluminum Trench Box

trenshore series aluminum trench shoring

Trenshore Series

Aluminum Trench Shoring

timbershore timber frame trench box


Timber Frame Trench Box

multishore aluminum trench box


Aluminum Trench Box

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Aluminum Trench Box

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Aluminum Trench Boxes that transform your jobsite

The SafeGuard Aluminum Trench Box series lineup was designed to meet all of your shoring needs for maintenance and repairs. From lightweight equipment, that allows you to install by hand, to patented technology that allows you to effortlessly shore around multiple existing utilities. With today’s high demand for safety and versatility, Kundel has you covered when it comes to aluminum shoring systems and aluminum trench boxes for sale.

Compatible Modular Components

Our SafeGuard series utilizes standard modular components that work together to solve any underground problem you encounter.

The SafeGuard aluminum trench box series was created to offer light-weight, modular solutions for repair and maintenance work.

Aluminum that Performs like Steel Icon

1. Aluminum that Performs like Steel

Want the durability of steel structures without the heavy weight? Our lightweight aluminum trench boxes perform like steel.

Plug+Play Components Icon

2. Plug+Play Components 

Plug+Play components make it a breeze to install aluminum adjustable trench boxes. Spend less down time getting your job site right and more time working.

Keep Your Site OSHA Compliant Icon

3. Keep Your Site OSHA Compliant

Stay safe and stay compliant. You need equipment you can trust with your workers’ lives. We provide trusted, OSHA compliant equipment. /p>

Jobsite Safety is and should always be #1  And your crew deserves the best
Light enough to lift
And strength where you need it


Avoiding Intersecting Utilities 
Our aluminum trench boxes are built from a series of modular components
Safety Zone Rigging Points 
Keep your crew safe using our safety zone quick clip attachments
Easily Work Around Obstacles
Stackable modular sections make the difficult jobsites easy
Trench Collapse Rescue Equipment

Trench Collapse Rescue Equipment

Are you looking for the best trench rescue equipment for your fire department?  Kundel Industries offers a full line of trench shoring equipment designed for your needs.

Supporting First Responders

Supporting First Responders

Not only is the safety of your jobsite important, but even more importantly the safety of our first responders.  Every day they risk their lives to keep us safe and they deserve the best.

Safety Makes All the Difference

Safety Makes All the Difference

A safe jobsite is one that allows everyone to go home at night to their families and loved ones.  We here at Kundel Industries pride ourselves in building the best trench safety equipment.

Safety Equipment Built for Rescue

Safety Equipment Built for Rescue

When it’s go time, you should not have to question the equipment in the trench. We at Kundel Industries design trench safety equipment that is safe and cost effective.

Spend less time researching aluminum trench boxes for sale

Our aluminum trench boxes and shoring are OSHA-compliant and designed to keep your workers and equipment safe during excavation. We offer a range of sizes and depths to ensure you get the right trench box for your job site. Whether you need a shallow trench box for a utility job or a deep trench box for an open-cut project, you can trust our products for the best protection and reliability.

Quality Aluminum Construction

Our aluminum trench boxes are designed for strength and durability. The box and shoring are constructed of high-quality aluminum and feature a reinforced frame to withstand the toughest job sites. With a lightweight design, they can easily be moved and adjusted to fit any excavation. And, they come at a competitive aluminum trench box price.

Variety of Sizes

We offer a variety of sizes and depths to fit any job site, but our most popular models are the 8×8 aluminum trench boxes. We have plenty of 8×8 aluminum trench boxes for sale.

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