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Trench Supplies and Accessories

Kundel Industries offers high-quality trench boxes and shields that are designed to meet the exact needs of our customers. In fact, Kundel trench supplies and accessories are the most durable on the market. We know that every job is different and you need a variety of trench supplies and accessories to complement and customize your trench shield.

We offer a variety of trench supplies and accessories, from trench box ladders to pipe spreaders and stacking kits. High arches and end walls allow you to customize your trench to your exact needs. With our high-quality products, you can be sure that your trench is built to last.
All of our trench supplies and accessories are designed with real-world usage in mind. This involves understanding you, the customer, thoroughly.

Trench Box Riser

Trench Box Riser 

Trench Box Accessories

Trench Box Grabber

Trench Box Grabber

Trench Box Accessories



Trench Box Accessories

Racking Adapters

Racking Adapters

Trench Box Accessories

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Custom Solutions Designed around your Project

Staying OSHA Compliant and Productive on your job site

Choose from a wide variety of accessories to meet the high demands of today’s production and safety requirements on the job site.

Kundel will keep you working safely and efficiently with a full line of products to maximize the potential of your trench shields. We offer innovative products such as Big Clear spreader pipe riser, spreader adjusters, Titan Box Grabber, Racking Adapters, Corner Connectors, Flex Panels, Drop-on’s, and many more to match your job requirements. Kundel trench and shoring boxes also provide custom shoring solutions, please call with any custom needs.

At Kundel Industries, we make sure our products are OSHA-compliant. We understand that safety is paramount when working in trenches, and we take our commitment to safety seriously. Our products are designed to meet OSHA standards so that you can be sure that your trench is safe and secure.

You can see the full list of OSHA requirements for trenches and excavating here.

Transforming Your Jobsite Icon

1. Transforming Your Jobsite

Jobsites can be challenging with every site being different and requiring different solutions. At Kundel we are a solution driven company with a history steeped in construction and innovation. Our equipment captures the needs of the jobsite and delivers the performance you need.

Get More Pipe a Day Icon

2. Get More Pipe a Day

Making money and being profitable is about what you get done at the end of the day. Whether you are repairing a broken water main or laying miles of sewer line, each move you make is critical to your success and our equipment is designed to help you lay more pipe a day, everyday

Where Safety Meets Production Icon

3. Where Safety Meets Production 

Not all trench boxes are created equal. When you spend your hard earned money you want to make sure that it goes as far as it can. Kundel Industries trench box are not only the safest in the industry, but the longest lasting. Stay OSHA compliant on your jobsite while operating at a profit.

The Best Trench Safty Equipment available on the market 
Jobsites are challenging
We are here to help


Custom Jobsite Solutions
Simple Racking Adapters remove hours of struggle in the trench 
We are your Partner in Production
Let us help you face your day-to-day challenges head on
Increasing Your Reach
The difference in being profitable is only one piece away  
Get the Edge You Need

Get the Edge You Need

Every job is different and having the right equipment on the job makes all the differnce.  Whether stacking, sliding or driving our boxes are built to give you the edge you need.

Super Mode for Super Depths

Super Mode for Super Depths

Take your box to new depths by adding the super mode adapters that give you strength and clearnace depending on the requirements of your jobsite.

Drop-On Side Enclosures

Drop-On Side Enclosures

Close off the ends of your trench by using our custom built drop-on panels.  Each panel is custom built to your application and drops directly onto your spreaders.

Spreader Adjusters Maximize Performance

Spreader Adjusters Maximize Performance

Increase the usability of your standard spreaders by adding spreader adjusters.  This option increases the length of your spreaders by 2ft-4ft in 6″ increments.

Spend less time researching aluminum trench boxes for sale

At Kundel Industries, we are known for our high-quality trench boxes that are essential for construction and excavation projects. We typically use high-quality aluminum and steel to construct the panels and spreaders for their trench boxes. This steel is not only incredibly strong but paired with the aluminum, the box becomes light and easy to move around on the job site.

Other metal components are made from quality materials to ensure they can withstand even the toughest conditions and provide a longer lifespan for the trench box. This combination makes Kundel Industries’ trench boxes some of the most durable and reliable on the market.

Whether you are working on a small residential project or a massive commercial construction job, you can trust the materials in Kundel Industries’ trench boxes to keep you and your coworkers safe.

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