Kundel Industries Inc.

Kundel not only makes enclosed track overhead cranes with the best features, heaviest capacities and an industry leading 10:1 Safety Factor, but we also support inner-city rescue missions on a daily basis. Some of our most popular features are internal electric bar and cantilever support posts all with greater square footage coverage and longer spans even at 3 ton capacity. 1.5% of every crane sale goes directly to the missions we support like the Warren Family Mission that feeds, clothes and shelters homeless men, women and children along with the Hannah’s House that is a shelter for abused, drug and alcohol addicted women, bringing them a hope for a brighter tomorrow… all free of charge.

Help provide food, shelter and clothing to children in the Ohio Valley Area by donating to support the Warren Family Mission.
Please visit their website at www.warrenfamilymission.com

Note: All Kundel Cranes products are designed to CMAA Class “C” Duty Cycle and also incorporate standards from CMAA, Cold Formed Steel Design, AISI and AISC. Industry standard safety factor on components is 5:1 compared to Kundel Cranes 10:1


A family of innovators

Kundel Industries started in the dining room of the Kundel family household by contractor Robert Kundel Sr. Having 30 years experience in the excavating business, family roots deeply embedded in construction and fueled by the down turn in the construction market in the late 80’s Robert found himself re-evaluating his situation in construction.

Working with a local engineer, Robert used his background in construction to develop a trench box that was designed around the contractor’s needs. These boxes were designed around real world usage including pipe length, excavator capabilities, soil conditions, and contractor usage by re-enforcing areas most common for driving and abuse.

The challenge of building a better box taxed Kundel’s material movement ability. The numerous sub-assemblies required a constant state of transition and one large overhead crane was not going to cut it. The larger overhead crane was shut down and a series or parallel runways were hung along with multiple bridges on each set of runways. These cranes were developed by Kundel Industries engineering team by using concepts from ages past like pendulating runways and articulating bridges. These concepts provided smooth traveling second to none and reduced any stress incurred to the supporting structure. Kundel Industries will continue to not only build the best equipment in the industry, but have committed to improving and perfecting the products we produce.


Applying God’s love

To honor the Christian faith through giving and serving our customers and employees, by managing the company with integrity, honesty and respect for everyone and by always looking out for the best interest of our customers and employees.

To require disciplined, productive crafts – designing, building, distribution and service.

To partner with vendors who support us with quality material in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

We believe we have been given the inspired gift to supply the best product with the best service and we invite you to join us, at Kundel Industries on this business journey and enjoy the benefits that come from running a company by giving and serving.