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Nov 11, 2021 | Shoring, Stone Boxes, Trench Boxes, TrenchJacks

As your employees and customers eagerly await the effects of the current 1.2 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill to rebuild the country’s aging public works system, now is a great time to consider increasing your offering. You’ve already built relationships with the same people who would benefit from using Kundel trench boxes. Become a dealer of Kundel Trench Safety equipment and add some trench boxes and trench shoring materials to your lineup!

At Kundel, we pride ourselves as a family business with a heritage in the industry. We deliver outstanding innovation in trench safety, while taking care to develop relationships with our customers. You’ve done the diligent work to build your business, and now a path to becoming a Kundel dealer is just one step away. Need more convincing?

The addition of our trench safety equipment means you are providing quality boxes and shoring equipment with outstanding performance and durability. You also reap the benefits of a product with low to no upkeep, as there are no moving parts to maintain. If you choose rental options as a dealer, your return on investment would yield a 10-15% profit margin. Coupled with industry utilization rates that average over 50%, that means our product in your offerings will continue to build your business and your reputation with quality, value, and safety.

Becoming a dealer with Kundel is one easy step away. Travis Bower, business development manager, has 11 years’ experience in trench safety and will provide outside dealer training. Visit us at, email him at,  or give Travis a call at 330.307.5921.  We want to partner with you to provide exceptional trench shoring and safety equipment built on over a half a century of experience in construction innovation. DESIGNED BETTER. BUILT BETTER.

Written by: Jennifer Balest

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