Kundel SnapTrac Overhead Workstation Bridge Cranes

Apr 26, 2021 | Cranes

Overhead bridge cranes are essential tools for any warehouse or construction site where heavy loads must be moved regularly. Whether utilizing floor cranes, ceiling cranes, or a combination of the two, these items can help improve efficiency at any small, medium, or large facility.


Technology for overhead cranes has come a long way in recent years. If you are operating with an old overhead crane, or no crane at all, it may be time to upgrade your facility. With Kundel SnapTrac Bridge Cranes, you can benefit from easy installation, seamless operation, and a product that will last a lifetime.


At Kundel, we offer a wide variety of overhead workstation bridge cranes, with options like rail slides, trolleys, suspension plates, conductor bars, and posts & hangers. You can choose from a range of rail sizes and heights, so you are sure to build the crane that fits your facility perfectly.


What is SnapTrac


SnapTrac is a proprietary system of expandable bridge crane kits. You can add, remove, mix, and match parts to suit all of your facility’s needs. With SnapTrac, assembly is quick and easy, and customizing to your warehouse requires little effort. On top of the ease-of-use and quality benefits of SnapTrac compared to other overhead cranes, it is also incredibly affordable.


Floor Cranes


Kundel SnapTrac floor cranes include 3 rail sides, 4 posts, 3 trolley hangers, spacer assemblies, and end stops. The state-of-the-art rollers provide smooth, reliable operation, even with the heaviest loads. With a half-ton capacity, virtually all of your on-site jobs will be easily managed. These floor cranes make excellent additions to any machine shop, garage, barn, or warehouse where heavy lifting is regularly required.


Ceiling Cranes


You can save some floor space by utilizing ceiling cranes, making them great for smaller shops where space comes at a premium. With a half-ton capacity, these heavy-duty cranes can help support any project you may need to complete at your facility. With hydro-formed, composite rail technology, you’ll be moving heavy loads without snags or other aggravations. You can hang directly on the ceiling or on posts, so you have several options when customizing your crane.


Hybrid Cranes


For those who want the best of both worlds, Kundel Hybrid Cranes get the job done without a hitch. There are three posts instead of four, with a free-standing rail, allowing you to place these in a corner for extra stability without sacrificing floor space. They use the same rail technology and materials as our floor and ceiling cranes, so you can expect perfect operation and reliability whenever you need to move a heavy load.




There are a variety of upgrades available for SnapTrac cranes, and you can pick and choose any that might provide advantages for your warehouse. With options like double girders, festooning brackets, internal electric bus bars, and custom-length posts, you can truly design a crane that is made to optimize your facility. Kundel knows the importance of variety, which is why they offer so many different setups.

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