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Side Rails

Make your system more job versatile

Side rails are made using 6061-T6 extruded aluminum and come installed with robust carrying handles and safety finger guards.

We offer side rail kits for your existing systems if larger heights are desired. In return, you have one system with multiple height options for more job versatility.


  • Durable 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Easy handling & transportation
  • Safety finger guard system
  • Increase job versatility

Ordering Information

Non-Drilled Rails (kits)
Part No. Kit Description Weight
RAIL-01.0-HD-K (2x) 1 ft Tall Rails 8 lbs
RAIL-02.0-HD-K (2x) 2 ft Tall Rails 16 lbs
RAIL-03.0-HD-K (2x) 3 ft Tall Rails 27 lbs
RAIL-04.0-HD-K (2x) 4 ft Tall Rails 32 lbs
RAIL-05.0-HD-K (2x) 5 ft Tall Rails 39 lbs
RAIL-06.0-HD-K (2x) 6 ft Tall Rails 46 lbs
RAIL-07.0-HD-K (2x) 7 ft Tall Rails 54 lbs
RAIL-08.0-HD-K (2x) 8 ft Tall Rails 62 lbs
RAIL-09.0-HD-K (2x) 9 ft Tall Rails 70 lbs
RAIL-012.0-HD-K (2x) 12 ft Tall Rails 93 lbs
RAIL-016.0-HD-K (2x) 16 ft Tall Rails 123 lbs
Pre-Drilled Rails (kits)
Part No. Kit Description Weight
RAIL-02.0-HD-DV-K (2x) 2 ft Tall Pre-Drilled Rails
RAIL-04.0-HD-DV-K (2x) 4 ft Tall Pre-Drilled Rails 3 lbs
RAIL-06.0-HD-DV-K (2x) 6 ft Tall Pre-Drilled Rails 5 lbs
RAIL-08.0-HD-DV-K (2x) 8 ft Tall Pre-Drilled Rails 10 lbs

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