Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Trends Promise Growth

Oct 12, 2021 | Cranes

After an unprecedented 2020, the aerospace industry has had to pivot to deal with the manufacturing obstacles of industry backlogs.  Kundel promises some exciting trends with emerging technologies to help tackle material handling within aerospace and defense manufacturing challenges.  Resourcefulness is the key to continued growth and development in any industry and, remarkably, spending on artificial intelligence, sensory technologies, robotics, and other innovations remains relatively low for the A & D industry as a percentage of sales, averaging just 3.6% in the United States. Research and development into more fuel-efficient aircraft, More-Electric Aircraft (MEA) and eventually, the All-Electric Aircraft (AEA) has companies taking step by step upgrades with newer components. Use of Internet of Things technology (IoT) provides predictive maintenance solutions that can help pinpoint potential damage by collecting data to identify elements before they break. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) continues to be a proven solution for creating complex parts with great strength and reduced density.

As of 2016, The United States Aerospace and Defense Industry employs almost 2.4 million people, about 13% of the manufacturing workforce with a salary nearly 44% above the national average.  It makes good sense that as a nation, we would want to support an industry that is expected to grow an average of 5% through 2031.  Kundel Industries has partnered with dynamic leaders in Aerospace Manufacturing both as end users and through our network of dealers including Boeing, AeroJet Rocketdyne, and Honeywell Aerospace. Boeing chose the incredibly versatile Jib Crane with up to 360 degrees of uninterrupted, festooning free movement on Kundel’s patented foundationless jib pod anchor system. The KTRAC was a good fit for AeroJet Rocketdyne with a 3 Ton Max, custom design-built specs, and the shortest approach in the industry.  Honeywell Aerospace found the solution for their needs in a 5 Ton TTRAC overhead workstation bridge crane boosting 80 grade high yield steel and installation time that is half of our competitors, getting it into their facility and working quickly for the company.

Kundel Industries products and processes mirror the same keen innovation as industries like those in Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing. We are excited to continue partnering with companies who are taking our nation into the next chapter of positive, transformative change.


Written by: Jennifer Balest

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