Aging Inventory Brings New Capital

Sep 10, 2021 | Trench Boxes

Kundel Industries is thinking “outside the box” to meet the needs of its customers. Those who work in the trenches or help protect those in the trenches have a singular priority: SAFETY. Kundel wants to help you assess your aging inventory and protect your workforce while saving you valuable time. Is your existing inventory safe? Can it be repaired, or does it need replaced? Kundel can replace distressed shoring equipment to maximize your value with new equipment specific to the demands of your company while reducing your time and removal expenses. Our technical field service staff is now scheduling times to meet on-site and review your current needs.

We are in the business of trench safety. Let’s team up to evaluate your existing inventory of safety equipment. An experienced Kundel specialist remains always available to review your trench shoring fleet to maximize utilization for your work projects. Upgrade your equipment with the safety and versatility of the Safeguard series with lightweight design for effortless shoring around utilities. Or choose the durable Titan series mainline trench shields with unmatched standard features including solid welded, forged steel spreader collars, 16” on center outside skin supports, and internal pounding members. Either way, you will never regret upgrading to the company with highest industry standards – Kundel.

Kundel wants to replace unsafe equipment with better, more protective, more durable equipment that will give a good return on investment through our exclusive safety features. We are ready to be on-site assisting your inventory manager evaluate your fleet of trench boxes, and you could potentially receive credit toward new safety equipment. Let us build you a better trench box at a better price and watch the value of your investment pay off exponentially. Call us…we will be there.


Written by: Jennifer Balest


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