Kundel Collaborates with Electric Vehicle Startups

Apr 22, 2021 | Cranes

For the electric vehicle supply chain, kundel.com cranes may have material handling solutions. For material handling in production and assembly, automotive manufacturers and suppliers may depend on overhead cranes. In the fields of stamping plants, automotive assembly, and supply market, overhead cranes and bridge cranes are generally used. Some uses of overhead and jib cranes in automobile industries are:


Relocation of Bulky Materials and Objects


The primary purpose of a jib crane is to transport material from one location to another as is in all other cranes and related equipment. The jib crane, assisted by a 360-degree movement which makes it easier and relatively fast to maneuver around loads of large items. They are normally able to transform, rotate, transport, and lift loads with high accuracy during the entire automotive assembly process. The jib crane is particularly useful for handling pressing equipment for vehicle body parts and molding equipment for the production of plastic parts.


Heavy Lifting


Moving large loads and cranes is not unlike one of the main aims of cranes. Sprinkler cranes are like an arm designed. It is attached to the weapon and can be pushed with it for lifting purposes. Wall jib cranes can be used for the manufacture of light weighing pieces in many automotive industries. Column jib cranes are normally used for weighting components, while jib cranes have been installed to lift 20 tonnes. The jib crane is provided with a chain hoist as an ideal lifting solution for a manufacturing setting.


Faster Operations:


For the smooth operation and maintenance of the high-speed assembly line, the entire automotive industry depended heavily on cranes. Any problems with crane operation would have a dramatic impact on the whole manufacturing chain. The jib crane is ideally suited for such demands since its maintenance and robustness are relatively modest. The industry is heavily dependent on them for fast and reliable performance. The use of jib cranes allows for shorter processing time. Jib crane takes very little construction time and can be moved very easily.


Protection Improved:


The electric car favors jib cranes because it has improved safety protection on the manufacturing floor. ON/OFF switches facilitate jib cranes to ensure horizontal shifting speed and protection. The horizontal boom of the cranes is acutely adjusted so that unforeseen motions during operations can be stopped. With this function, all likelihood of injury is minimized. Manufacturers of Jib cranes perform a sequence of high-precision efficiency checks. They can also be referred to as one of the safest and most durable lifting machines in the automotive industry.




The jib crane is a boom crane in which the recovery system is hung on the bottom of the boom or on a lifting trolley which can be carried along the jib. The jib can be pushed but not pitched. A separate emergency hoisting equipment is required for automated production lines with high performance. It consists primarily of a column, a swing arm, and an electric hoist. The base of the column is attached to a concrete base with anchor bolts. The engine drives the reducer to rotate the lifting device. On the I-beam, the electric hoist makes a round trip. Run business to work efficiently and save resources. The jib cranes and overhead cranes manufactured by kundel.com are used in manufacturing electric vehicles.


Application and Structure of Cranes:


The jib crane is a lifting equipment medium and lightweight with a 0-5T lifting weight. Mechanical transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission of various kinds are available. The mechanical transfer is now the most commonly used. Mechanical cranes generally use a screwdriver to drive higher and lower higher structures using a four-link boom.


The jib cranes include floor jib cranes and wall jib cranes according to their configuration. The jib crane has the benefits of new and straightforward construction, easy operation and operation, compact rotation, and wide working area. It is a material lifting equipment that saves energy and performance.


This system consists of an electric chain hoist, a rotating cantilever, and a column. The bottom of the column is attached to the concrete level and can be rotated according to the user’s requirements. The revolving section is split into manual and electrical rotation (installation of cycloid pinwheel reducer to cooperate with the upper support plate or the lower support plate to drive the cantilever rotation of the rotating tube.


Cranes Used in Electric Vehicle Manufacturing:


Cranes are used for performance improvement and release of human capital in automotive manufacturing sectors. Overhead cranes are used in automotive manufacturing to increase overall quality by improving the reliability and safety of the production line.


Large assembly lines typically push the maximum potential of car factories so malfunctioning automotive machinery will lead to poor production downtimes and slash income. The manufacturing machinery must also be operational for a lengthy period and provide high protection and reliability for optimum efficiency.


Kundel.com can include a variety of lifting devices, including electric hoists, crane types, and slinging instruments for the sites and factories manufacturing motors, transmissions, vehicle bodies, etc. We will supply your personalized overhead cranes to suit your applications as a specialist overhead grid maker.

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