Expansion and Manufacturing Growing Pains

Feb 25, 2021 | Cranes

When a company experiences growth these are some exciting times.  At the same time, there can be some apprehensive expectations.  One of the biggest hurdles is determining the new workflow.  Part of it is determining how to move and transfer material and product.  When expanding your current facility this could mean moving equipment, machines, or placing your workstation cranes in a new work area.  

Not always is it possible to just pick up your crane and move it.  Some cranes may be part of the building, so you will need a whole new crane system.  Other times the crane may not fit in the new work area.  You may find that the system is too tall, too wide, or just not big enough.  That’s discouraging when it looks like you need to scrap the whole system.  

Here at Kundel, we help evaluate your crane system, to determine what modifications can be done to preserve and modify as much as possible to help save your investment.

Kundel has helped numerous customers adapt their cranes to new work areas.  If that means making a system taller, we have post extensions.  This could mean extending the bride’s length 3’ to achieve your required span.  Adding on to your system in a growing work area. Sometimes the job changes, and now you need more capacity.  Modifying the profile, add a buffer, or stop without replacing the whole unit could be your solution.

When you expense these growing pains, Kundel is here to help carry that load.

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