From Bridge Crane to Drain

Nov 8, 2021 | Cranes

The Earth’s surface is 71% covered in water. We all live in communities that rely on some basic life necessities to function safely, efficiently, and reliably. Wastewater treatment in any community is a vital need. Properly cleaned water removes possible disease thereby making our work and play safe. Fisheries and wildlife depend on clean water habitats to both survive and thrive. And clean water provides scenic and recreational values beyond measure from living near water to swimming, boating, fishing, or just relaxing. It is a matter of our own health and that of our environment. So, what in the world does a foundationless jib crane or overhead workstation bridge crane have to do with wastewater treatment?

Companies like Bay Valve Service and Engineering in Seattle, WA offer flow solutions for multiple industries including wastewater treatment. Kundel Industries partners with companies that provide these life sustaining services. Our 5 Ton Top Running Overhead Bridge Crane provides a solution along the manufacturing process of the valves that Bay Valve produces for wastewater treatment. Our material handling solutions become key components in manufacturing operations for companies to efficiently and safely produce their goods. Cooperative ideals in manufacturing between Kundel Industries Shop Cranes and Bay Valve Service and Engineering Flow Solutions bring unity into the manufacturing processes that keep the precious natural resource of water treated and clean for generations to come.

Grab a glass of water, watch a river ebb and flow, take the family fishing, or enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the lake. Just know that behind those activities we love and rely on are companies like Kundel Production Safety Systems, Bay Valve Service and Engineering, and countless other wastewater treatment manufactures and facilities who make it all possible.


Written by: Jennifer Balest

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