How Safe is your Maintenance Department?

Sep 8, 2021 | Cranes

These days, safety is the number one focus of leading manufacturing companies. Kundel Industries was born from recognizing the critical importance of safety and the value it brings. Kundel’s roots began as a trench box safety company who engineered their own trench boxes to the real-world applications that founder Robert Kundel, Sr. had noticed as a contractor. As Kundel Industries grew, there were challenges in material moving as a better box was built. One large overhead crane was not going to meet the need. So, the engineering team at Kundel developed a custom crane that included a series of parallel runways hung along multiple bridges on each set of runways. Using pendulating runways and articulating bridges delivered smooth traveling and reduced stress to the supporting structure. And thus, the crane division of Kundel Industries was born.

Inside a manufacturing plant is a busy place. Production, efficiency, and safety are always at the forefront of plant manager’s priority list. Typically, the focus of the business is in the making of the product. But what happens when a machine breaks down, needs to be moved, or requires the necessary maintenance and upkeep? The Maintenance department gets the call. Production stops until maintenance can address the problem. But, have they been equipped to do the job in the safest, most efficient way possible? Maybe…maybe not.

An alternative to a forklift or manual lifting to ensure the safety and efficiency of the maintenance department as they provide support to production can be found in Kundel’s lineup of material handling solutions. A light duty Snaptrac can handle the small jobs with a capacity of ½ Ton. The variety of free standing, single post or wall mounted jib cranes can be an effective solution for a department perhaps tucked away in the corner of a shop that may not have a lot of floor space for material handling solutions. The KTrac and TTrac overhead bridge cranes can tackle the big jobs maintenance departments face sometimes with capacities of 3 Ton and 10 ton, respectively.

Maintenance departments are called upon to do what they must do to keep production moving in a manufacturing shop. Why not equip them with the best custom material handling solutions available on the market – Kundle Cranes!


Written By: Jennifer Balest

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