HVAC Equipment Material Handling Challenges

Sep 14, 2021 | Cranes

Analyzing trends in American manufacturing is a common and necessary thread weaving throughout day-to-day business. Recently, many companies large and small are feeling the pinch of a labor shortage as the manufacturing needs rage on for our country. For large companies that make heavy equipment, this can be especially challenging. Material handling with heavy components in nearly any business is where Kundel Industries excels. HVAC equipment manufacturing companies are just one of many sects that must solve this problem for their industry. Kundel cranes are the solution.

Kundel’s overhead, workstation bridge cranes expand the abilities of an employee to move materials efficiently and effortlessly. Our TTRAC cranes with capacities of up to 10 Tons, come complete with state-of-the-art controls and exceed all industry standards. Equipping a large workforce easily to be able to use a Kundel crane instead of only one or two associates to be trained on a tow motor or forklift expands flexibility and job cross training for companies solving a labor shortage. Ease of use is a hallmark trait of custom built Kundel cranes in addition to keeping your employees safe and productive.

Helping large companies solve issues in material handling with efficient utilization of an ever fluid workforce makes complete sense. Our impressive line-up of custom overhead bridge cranes with various capacities lends flexibility and solutions for companies as they continue America’s manufacturing legacy. Let Kundel help you move what you are making.


Written by: Jennifer Balest


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