Kundel is Here to Help with Safety

Oct 5, 2021 | Shoring

Kundel Industries is comprised of two main divisions, trench safety and cranes, each uniquely boosting a full line of production safety and material handling systems. Our trench safety systems have applications from lightweight aluminum shoring, a perfect fit for sewer and waterline maintenance and repair applications, to the durable Titan Series steel trench boxes, and the contractor’s best choice in safety, the Titan series bedding box. Kundel’s impressive series of versatile overhead bridge cranes including monorails, shop cranes, floor cranes, jib cranes, and intelligent lifting devices play a crucial role in workplace productivity and safety. We have the smaller solutions too like grippers, balancers, and manipulators. No matter what you are doing, safely working in the trenches or moving and handling your materials of all sizes, Kundel Industries is here to help. Our goal is to provide the expertise in safety and handling, so your company can do what they do.

Our mission is to provide the best product and the best service every step of the way. Our relationship with you starts the moment we answer your phone call, email, or web chat and doesn’t end once the product has left our manufacturing site. In fact, our goal is to be sure our products and customer service exceed your needs now. Then in the future, when circumstances change and new projects arise, Kundel is there with additional solutions. This is important to the Kundel family – it’s how we handle business. And to our delight, here’s what we are hearing from businesses and organizations:

“Kundel Industries is great to work with when it comes to providing shoring needs. Their team of professionals go the extra mile to meet our expectations for quality and customer service. They make sure the job is done to our satisfaction.” Josh Rudrick, Kokosing Construction Company.

“As a dealer for Kundel, I know my factory rep is always within reach to answer any technical questions that may arise. I have confidence in the Kundel line of products, as they often outperform the competition in both functionality and price.” Mike Campbell, Iron Lot.

These are just some of the accolades we have received from how we handle our business relationships. Look into Kundel.com for more information about our products and to read more about what our satisfied customers have said about working with Kundel. It is our honor and privilege to empower users to do what they do best.

Written by: Jennifer Balest

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