Monorail Lift Systems

Jul 28, 2016 | Cranes

What is a monorail?  Well a monorail is a single rail section that is used to pass a load from one area to another on a single route typically on one axis, see image above.  Now there are curved monorails, similar to an overhead conveyor, that turns and routes around obstacles in the facility.  Many times consumers do not know industry terminology and think that monorails are actually bridge cranes.  Bridge cranes consist of two sometimes three supporting rail sections, called runways, designed to carry the cross member, called the bridge, and traverse down the runways allowing the load to be moved in the X and Y axis.  Monorails lift systems are very efficient, but only designed to move products in a predetermined pattern dictated by the monorail itself where as a bridge crane system allows the user to cover a much larger area and control the placement of the load.

Monorail Lift System | Details

Typically for a monorail lift system to be efficient it needs to be either suspended from a wide span header system or suspended from the ceiling, if not the supports will interfere with the movement of the load that is being traversed.  Monorails and overhead conveyors are used in many auto manufacturing plants and high speed production lines in order to keep the assembly line moving at a consistent speed not allowing the product to deviate from the course set by the monorail section itself.  This movement restriction serves a very niche group of manufacturing compared to an overhead bridge crane system that allows the user to control the speed and direction at which the load travels.  The cost savings going with a monorail will be significant compared to a bridge crane system considering the monorail is basically one runway in and of itself.    

Your Choice

So the next time you are looking for a monorail lift system consider the product flow throughout your facility to determine which is the better investment for your company… a monorail or bridge crane system.  Either way, whatever you decide, you are making a decision for not only the safety of your facility, but the future of your business.    

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