Overhead Crane Prices

Jul 22, 2016 | Cranes

Whether you are looking for a free-standing workstation crane or top-running bridge crane there are many variables that play into overhead crane prices aside from raw goods cost but first let’s examine the raw goods side of things.  Over the past few months, raw steel prices have increased the cost of structural cranes while proprietary designs are inventoried in large volumes and the prices are more stable.  If you are in the market for a structural crane it is best to follow the steel market and a good indication of that is current scrap prices.  Knowing where the cost of steel is whether mid .20’s to low .30’s per pound can greatly affect the price to the manufacturer and give you more negotiating power when looking to purchase a structural crane.

Factors Influencing Overhead Crane Prices

Other factors include incentives such as volume buying, factory rebates, and inventory surplus.  When buying in the volume consider placing a blanket order with the distributor or manufacturer purchasing multiple units over an extended period of time.  This will allow some flexibility in the purchase and potentially lock-in a fixed price for you during that time.  Some manufacturers offer rebate incentives for certain options helping them increase their purchasing power thereby passing along the savings to you the consumer.  Inventory surplus is typically associated with electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists that may include wireless remote pendants.  Often times crane manufacturers bring out new models and are phasing out older ones much like the auto industry just not nearly as often.  This is your opportunity to really save money since many times the cost of the electric hoist can be nearly half that of the crane cost.  

Well Informed Customers Are the Best

Whether you’re buying a new or used overhead crane, watch market trends and take your time to evaluate all your options.  It is typically the impatient buyer that pays too much either due to waiting too long and needed to pay an expediting fee in order to get delivery on a free-standing crane or they end up with buyer’s remorse after finding a better-valued product that would have met their needs much better.  Good luck and enjoy your shopping experience.     

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