Overhead Cranes and Shop Safety: What Operators and Workers Must Know

Jan 18, 2021 | Cranes

Overhead cranes are crucial in moving heavy loads and increasing efficiency in the workplace. Since these cranes are massive, they must be used with utmost care. Workers and operators must strictly adhere to shop safety protocols regarding the shop cranes


The Most Common Overhead Crane Hazards

According to the OSHA, approximately half of overhead crane accidents are a result of the cranes’ metal parts coming into contact with high-voltage power lines. This occurs when the crane is being operated near or under power lines and the boom or hoist line touches any of the said lines.

Electrical Issues

Overloading Overhead Cranes

Suddenly dropping heavy load, using defective parts, side-loading a boom, and forcing an overhead crane beyond its operational capacity can cause overloading.

Falling Materials

Falling loads are one of the most dangerous overhead crane hazards. It can lead to serious injuries, property damage, or death.

Shop Safety Protocols with Overhead Cranes

Overhead crane hazards can be avoided through shop safety protocols.

These protocols include training all employees, performing regular equipment maintenance, and displaying warning signs.

Contrary to popular belief, all employees (not just the operators) must be trained for crane safety. Everyone must be aware of standard protocols such as not walking under a moving crane.

Business owners must also make sure that all overhead cranes go under regular maintenance. Defective parts must be immediately fixed or replaced.

Lastly, significant and clear signs must be present in danger zones to warn workers of potential overhead crane hazards and ensure shop safety.

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