Quality Safety Products

Feb 24, 2022 | Balancers, Cranes, Framing, Jib Cranes

Kundel Industries Builds Safety Above and Below Ground

Kundel Industries has built its industry leading reputation on manufacturing quality safety products for decades. Initially, Kundel focused on below ground safety systems like trench shoring and trench boxes. Having over 30 years’ experience in excavating, engineering field-proven trench safety equipment was a natural next step for owner Robert Kundel Sr. The successful manufacturing of trench safety boxes caused material handling challenges. As Kundel strived to build a better box, we realized material handling could be an above ground extension of our safety products and would fit nicely into our business model. We are excited to now offer duel thriving lines of safety products proudly manufactured on site by our hard-working employees. Today we take a better look at our material handling solutions, and how offering our premium lines can be an integral part of your company’s success.

What Material Handling Does Kundel Offer?

iSTRUT® – Overhead Crane kits with capacities from 50 lbs. to 2,000 lbs. Monorails- typically used in production/assembly lines to move material in a straight line. SnapTrac – affordable, easy to assemble, lightweight (1/2 Ton) bridge cranes that ship quickly but still can be tailored to meet distinctive needs. KTrac – overhead bridge cranes with 30% more square foot coverage than other brands with capacities of up to 3 Ton. STrac – overhead bridge cranes up to 5 Ton and spans up to 55 ft. TTrac – overhead bridge cranes up to 10 Ton. Solutions for every floor plan and project to include Floor Crane, Ceiling Hung, or Hybrid Crane. Jib Cranes – featuring our Patented Pod Anchoring System using the existing concrete floor. Options include capacities of up to 5 Ton, both wall mount and free-standing, and articulating Jib Cranes. Ergonomic and Intelligent Lifting Devices – Patented Quick-Lift systems that become a direct extension of a hand’s movement only requiring 20g of actuating force to lift to 300kg.

Your Turnkey Solutions with Kundel Industries

At Kundel Industries, our goal is to be the benchmark for production safety equipment. We strive to custom design and manufacture material handling products that enhance the lives of our customers, business partners, and communities. When you sell our cranes, you can be assured you are sourcing your safety material directly from the manufacturer with an extreme attention to detail. Our cranes are built with 80 grade high yield steel and install in half the time of our competitors. Kundel Cranes sell themselves. But don’t take our word for it. Travis Ballard, owner of Accessories Unlimited LLC, said this about their 1 Ton KTrac System purchase: “We have had a chance to use it and all of our welders love it. The department manager took the time to get feedback from all the crew. They like how smooth it is and how clean the electrical is on it.

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