Safety and Efficiency

Feb 14, 2022 | Balancers, Cranes, Jib Cranes

Safety Weaves a Common Thread Between Kundel and Contractors

At the core of Kundel Industries is safety. Our product lines boast safety standards that far exceed industry minimums. Contracting partners who choose Kundel, like Turner Construction and Tri-City Ironworks, also place a high importance on safety. As a supplier of material handling to many infrastructure developers, we can manufacture custom solutions (up to 10 Ton) for any step along the assembly process to bring safety, efficiency, and value.

What makes Kundel Cranes Unique?

Kundel Overhead Bridge Cranes are custom built with an industry leading 10:1 Safety Factor. Our wide selection of free standing, ceiling hung, or hybrid shop crane options are built with 80,000 yield steel and travel up and down the runways with cast steel trolleys and end trucks. We confidently back our cranes with an available lifetime warranty knowing they are sourced with only the best quality materials and engineering. Kundel cranes are proudly manufactured in Vienna, OH and finished with safety tags and labels.

Crane Projects and Scope of Work

Tri- City’s project (for MidAmerican Energy) included multiple ceiling hung TTRAC systems of various capacities and bridge lengths. Both were customized with Spacemaster Wire Rope Hoists of differing lifts. Turner’s project (for Team, Inc., an engineering services company) encompassed the STRAC, KTRAC and TTRAC Monorail systems. Monorails specialize in specific lifting applications within a factory often repetitively moving product or material from one point to another in a restricted area. Additionally, we built a large custom KTRAC system with multiple cantilever bridges.

Jim Antes, a Kundel Ergonomic Safety Consultant, said, “We worked closely with the architects and contractors on both projects to be sure the customer received a crane properly sized and customized to exactly what the end user required. We therefore provided a turnkey opportunity for contractors.” Kundel looks forward to continuing to provide solutions in safety and efficiency for contractors who work to develop the infrastructure of tomorrow.

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