Overhead Bridge Education with Industry at Kundel Cranes

Dec 2, 2021 | Cranes, General, Jib Cranes

Kundel Industries entire existence is built upon one key concept: SAFETY. Specifically, we manufacture production safety systems which include trench safety equipment and material handling solutions like jib cranes and custom overhead bridge cranes typically used in construction and business. Safety also plays a pivotal role in education and looks differently at various levels. What might define safety in post-secondary education?

Kundel’s 10:1 Safety Factor Surpasses Industry Standards

For Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrenceville, GA, safety means assurance that heavy diesel technician students learn their craft in a safe learning environment. “At the end of the day, we know the benefit of having the right equipment to train the next generation of technicians, and that is our mission,” says Christopher Sirmans – Dean of Automotive, Construction, Trades. Kundel received an inquiry from Gwinnett Technical College for a way to safely be able to pull engines out of heaving equipment, an integral part of learning in their diesel mechanic lab. Jim Antes, ergonomic and trench safety consultant at Kundel, worked closely with the Johnny Stallings, instructor for heavy diesel technicians, to provide a custom crane with a 10:1 safety factor designed specifically to meet the needs of the students and educators.

Custom Overhead Bridge Crane is a Must Have Teaching Tool at Technical Colleges

Kundel was excited to partner with the college to provide our exclusive material handling features that would ensure real world learning applications could happen in a safe setting. Gwinnett College decided on our free standing, 3 Ton, enclosed track, push – pull overhead bridge crane. The non-rigid design of our cranes provides easy movement while offering custom lengths built to specifications and the shortest end trucks and trolleys industry wide. Special floorplates allowed the crane to be installed on 6 inches of concrete eliminating the need and extra cost of footers. Recently, our inside sales team reached out to previous customers to follow-up on their experience using Kundel’s complete line of material handling solutions including monorails, jib, workstation, or overhead cranes, and intelligent lifting devices. We were delighted to reconnect with Johnny Stallings who said, “A huge part of the program at Gwinnett Technical College is tools and safety. The overhead crane is a must have teaching tool for my heavy diesel program. When students graduate and go to work, they must be confident with the weights and be sure of the center of gravity. Every technical school that has a similar program should have this crane system.”

His words summarize what we hope to deliver to each of our customers whether they are in education, construction, or business: safety, service, and satisfaction.


Career Focused Education for Real-World Jobs

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