The 10 Ton Overhead Crane Vs the Mobile Crane

Oct 14, 2016 | Cranes

The powerful 10 ton overhead crane is a good solution for your overhead crane needs. The 10 ton overhead crane is a tool to effectively and economically provide a top running overhead crane system for your lifting and material handling requirements. These medium capacity 10 ton overhead cranes are typically built with a wire rope hoist and are commonly used in machine shops, warehouses, steel and metal fabricators, and heavy equipment maintenance facilities. Wider range of lifting and travel speeds for precise handling of the materials. This type of workstation crane will save valuable floor space and will cover large work areas. This crane is the most cost efficient option for an overhead bridge crane. These crane come standard with the lightest wheel loads in the industry along with low headroom hoists equipped with variable frequency drives on both hoist and trolley. This workhorse crane also comes standard with bridge travel limit switches which reduce harmful loading on end stops and unnecessary load swing. They provide low dead weight and more headroom by using a low headroom monorail hoist. This is the most economical solution in buildings with a span over 90 ft. 10 ton overhead crane have lower production cost, and therefore lower price, than a double girder model.

Differences Between the Overhead Crand and the Mobile Crane 

Each crane for sale is built to meet the daily demands of moving heavy loads and objects. Their versatility and ease of operation improve productivity. They have rectangular steel tubing mast and outriggers. These cranes have safety-engineered with four wide-track wheels for greater stability and overload protection hydraulic system. Tilt-back mast provides more space under hook and reduces chance of load damaging exposed piston rod. A mobile crane assures the most efficient vertical thrust – when it’s needed – when the boom is in horizontal position. Rubber grip push handles for easy, accurate positioning. They come with double acting hand pump with power adjustment feature. These are great for hundreds of lifting applications. A telescopic boom can be used for multiple lifting heights and capacities. A boom is raised and lowered by means of a manual hydraulic hand pump. The high capacity hydraulic cylinder provides for faster lifting action and features a large diameter ram to withstand angled loads when lifting. They are heavy duty construction and painted finish. The boom end includes a swivel hook for lifting and a hand-adjusted release valve to lower the boom. You have the choice to choose either foldable-leg or telescopic-leg design. The manual single-acting hand pumps to easily raise the boom. The telescopic boom yields different capacities and heights. Mobile cranes are portable units designed for easy mobility with two rigid and two swivel casters.

* Pictured is a 2-ton version of the 10 ton crane by Kundel Cranes.

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