Trench Box Dealers Expand

Jun 7, 2022 | Trench Boxes

Trench Box Dealers Expand

Trench Box Dealers Expand | |Is your company experiencing difficulties selling products you cannot source? Would you like to expand your product offerings to an existing customer base, but don’t have the goods to sell? Kundel Industries recognizes how manufacturers and merchants have had to be adaptable especially over the last couple of years. Knowing when and how to expand your business product line can make or break a company’s bottom line and overall viability. Kundel Trench Safety materials offer durability and value in our lineup of trench shielding that can be delivered to you with better than industry standard lead times.

Leading Heavy Construction Equipment Dealer Now Stocking Kundel

Recently, Kundel’s Business Development Manager began discussions with Company Wrench about the market potential of adding Kundel trench safety equipment to their line up of heavy construction equipment for rent or sale. The below Q & A tells the story of why Company Wrench chose to expand and why they chose Kundel:

Q: Why did Company Wrench choose to expand their product line now?
A: They needed quality products to sell that were available with reasonable lead times. Having tangible superior products available to sell – Kundel delivers on that!

Q: Why choose Kundel trench shielding products?
A: Kundel Boxes are built to last. With solid forged sockets, full welding (no spot welds), and internal pounding members to absorb force and save on wear and tear, Kundel Trench Safety equipment has a high ROI when compared to a competitor’s box. Durability and longevity allow rentals on boxes to be profitable.

Q: What products did Company Wrench chose?
A: They took delivery of Titan Stone Boxes, Mainline Trench Boxes, and Manhole Trench Boxes. Functionality of design makes Kundel’s boxes stand out from the crowd. By bending and folding the steel, not only do we make a stronger box, but we also create a lighter weight box by using less steel. A strong yet lightweight box reduces wear and tear on machines by extending the life of the machine’s hydraulics.

Kundel Supports our Dealers Throughout the Entire Process

When you choose to do business with Kundel, you can be assured our family-owned manufacturing business values superior products, timely and attentive customer service, hardworking employees, and service to our dealers. In addition to sourcing our dealers in a timely manner, we offer dealer support and assistance in building a book of business and creating a pipeline for sales. Whether that is windshield time, product training or simply a phone conversation, Kundel supports our dealers from start to finish.

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