Trench Shoring Boxes Releases Details On Safety Shoring Systems

Mar 12, 2017 | TrenchJacks

Trench Shoring Boxes offers a range of products designed to protect employees from being buried or injured in the event of a cave-in. The trench boxes are available in multiple sizes and shapes.

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Trench Shoring Boxes and Jeff Collins are pleased to announce the launch of their website which contains descriptions and content on the topic of shoring systems and products. A trench shoring system is typically used in an excavation site. The boxes are designed to shield employees from being buried by a cave-in. The boxes are constructed in various sizes and shapes and are designed in a way that they are strong enough to provide protection.

An aluminum shoring system is less heavy than steel systems, yet is strong enough to have the necessary bracing and designs. The panels are held apart through struts at each end and are held in position using pins and slips or welding. Another type of shoring is known as road plates. These units are utilized to temporarily cover an excavation while digging is being performed on the roadway. This type of equipment usually includes thick steel sheets.

As a way to shore a trench, aluminum systems are beneficial. The system typically includes aluminum uprights and two hydraulic cylinders. When everything is assembled, the box is lowered into the trench and the cylinders are extended. Because they can be quickly deployed, aluminum systems can serve as a temporary shore while introducing the box shoring system. The aluminum products are evolving to meet protection and financial demands of the industry.

In the course of construction and excavation, shoring boxes and road plate are often lifted, lowered, extracted and moved around the job site using earth moving equipment. The suspended load must be controlled throughout the process to avoid the risk of falling debris. The risk can be against individuals and property as well. In either instance, the financial and emotional cost can be extensive. Avoidance of injury has benefits to individuals and equipment. Shoring systems are a significant solution to risks.

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