What Are Some Types of Mounted Jib Cranes

Dec 19, 2018 | Jib Cranes

Post Mounted Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are generally equipped with hoist ropes and sheaves to help in material lifting and moving. They are highly essential equipment in the construction, engineering or mechanical industry. There are two basic types of post mounted jib cranes. A post-mounted jib crane can be installed on the floor or fixed to the wall.

Jib cranes are extremely important in all kinds of lifting. They drastically reduce waiting time by making lifting fast and easy. The types of post mounted jib cranes are;

Floor Mounted Jib Cranes

These are the most common type of post-mounted jib crane. They are used to share the load of the actual crane. The floor mounted jib cranes are generally a self-supporting crane with a vertical mast mounted on a concrete foundation.

Floor mounted jib cranes may rotate 360 degrees and are operated manually. They are the most appropriate for vertical lifting. They are most common because of their excellent self-support property. Floor mounted jib cranes are often mounted over a concrete foundation. With a floor mounted jib crane in your workplace, be sure to experience a smooth and stress-free lifting.

Wall Mounted Jib cranes

These jib cranes are mounted horizontally on the wall. The hoist mechanism of the wall mounted jib crane is quite similar to the floor mounted type, but they do not have a vertical boom. They have an RCC column bracket mounting which allows a maximum rotation of 200 degrees.  The RCC column bracket allows for rotation without obstruction at the floor level.

Post Mounted Jib Crane Installations

Floor mounted jib crane installations are done in a way that the jib cranes can stand by themselves without having to be supported by any building. They can be base plate mounted, sleeve inserts mounted or foundation mounted with varying capacities which depend on the crane type. Jib cranes are installed directly to the floor of your workplace with resin anchor bolts onto a concrete floor.

The wall mounted jib cranes are installed to permit a 200-degree rotation. They are often installed as an economical alternative to freestanding jibs. They are stronger and spans longer than Masts or freestanding jibs.

When looking to install a post mounted jib crane, a unique design and a user-friendly option should be considered. For your highly adaptable jib crane installations and fittings, justjibs.com is waiting to help you achieve a wonderful experience.

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