What Can You Tell Me About Aluminum Modular Framing Systems

Feb 9, 2019 | Framing

The aluminum modular framing systems involve the use of aluminum in the production of desired shapes of varying sizes and designs. Mainly in producing frames (window and door frames). Aluminum is best suited for this role instead of other metals because of a few traits. The unique properties of aluminum include its weight (being a third of the density of steel), strength; its unique property to increase its strength at low temperature but vice versa in high temperature (unlike other grade steel which becomes brittle at low temperature).

Its large coefficient of linear expansion (ability to expand with per increase in temperature) compared to other metals has made it of serious consideration.

All these properties make it easier to conclude that aluminum comes as a first choice metal.

Considering the ease to work with it through most machining methods, whether it involves cutting, milling drilling, punching, or bending, aluminum will take whatever you can give, without expending much energy in doing so. Concerning its sustainability, aluminum is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust together with oxygen and elements like silicon. Hence making it environmentally friendly and considerably nontoxic.

These considered qualities and more not mentioned are our foremost reason for our choice of aluminum in the modular framing system. Now we will be explaining the basic procedures involved in the aluminum modular framing system.

Aluminum EXTRUSION: This involves subjecting aluminum alloy into an extruded shape this can be accomplished by forcing past a mold or die designed in whatever shape of choice because of the aforementioned property of malleability it comes in complex and desired shape and size.

Aluminum Modular Framing Systems and Finishing Options

After extrusion aluminum models are subjected to highly skilled coating. This in effect guarantees its reduced maintenance cost and long service course of life.

Finishing techniques such as painting, anodizing, powder luster coating permit the desired appearance and endless color choice.

ANODIZING: Using the electrolytic process, a process involving the flow of charged ions between cathodes when circuited by electricity. When aluminum models are used as the cathode and the dissolved metal cation being silver, gold, or some other options, will adhere to the cathode which is aluminum. This gives it a porous oxide film incorporated on the surface of aluminum reinforcing the protection provided its own natural oxide surface.

Advantages include;

  • Peel resistance
  • VOCs free; cause of the abstained from heavy metal
  • Easy maintenance.


Because of its low weight nature, extruded aluminum can be easily machined, fabricated and assembled.

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