What Exactly is a Free Standing Bridge Crane

Sep 27, 2016 | Cranes

free standing bridge crane is a perfect solution for situations where an overhead crane installation is otherwise difficult or impractical. Because the runways are usually installed above the floor without footers, it works well in pre-cast concrete buildings. Since all connections are bolted rather than welded, it is easily dismantled and moved to another location, an advantage when used in a leased building either within your plant or in an entirely new location. The free standing bridge crane cranes low headroom design maximizes lift when headroom is at a premium. A free standing bridge crane provides highly effective, cost efficient lifting and moving solutions, especially when you need overhead crane coverage for a large area up to 40-feet wide and with unlimited length. With interconnected parallel systems, you can cover your entire building. It is also very useful when you rent or lease your building. A free standing bridge crane are the perfect ergonomic solution for extending lifting coverage and providing full access of movement. These types of overhead bridge cranes can replace multiple cranes with one fluid system for improved efficiency and productivity. So many workstations replaces dozens of manipulators with free standing bridge crane to cover their entire machining center totally eliminating the need to transfer loads from one manipulator to another and drastically improving production time, worker safety, and overall efficiency.

Free Standing Bridge Crane is a Great Workstation Crane

Workstation cranes are a proven and reliable solution for your lifting needs. Specifically designed to handle loads up to 4,400 lbs., a free standing bridge crane can be easily installed into an existing or new workstation to provide instant lifting assistance. With spans ranging from 10 to over 34 feet available and 10 different track profiles, workstation cranes enable you to optimize the working area below the crane and improve productivity. The structure of free standing bridge crane is header braced across the ends. The header and runway beams are connected to the top of the column with a rigid moment connection. Therefore, header bracing removes the requirement for knee and other braces, which keeps the workstation free of obstruction allowing for maximum use of the work area. Header bracing also eliminates the need to brace the crane structure to the building structure, which allows for locating the workstation in the most desirable area. The bridge on a workstation crane rides on the very top of the structure, which provides maximum hook height. The additional hoist hook height gained by the unique momentary connection and top running design ranges in many cases from 10 to 24 inches.

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