Where to Buy an Overhead Crane

Jul 20, 2016 | Cranes

The search is on… The task can be a daunting one, but you are in luck as there are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you make better informed or educated decisions.  
Many companies have turned to the internet or trade shows to gather information.  Myself I am a more hands on person that needs to touch and feel the product to see the value in it versus an individual that can purchase online or sight unseen on price alone.  This can be done at a trade show or calling in to a factory representative.  An investment of this magnitude should be done systematically according to your specific needs.  You can look online and try to find local overhead crane service centers that are distributors for material movement products and most of them offer more than one crane product line.  

Overhead Crane Features

They will be able to gather some basic information from you in order to get you a preliminary estimate on a system that will suit your application.  Many times they come back with multiple estimates for you to look at without them even being able to explain the products that they have quoted you.  Many times they push the least expensive product since it is an easier sale versus the work it takes to show value in the other offerings.  You may also have luck going direct to a crane manufacturer, but few of them sell direct since they have already pre-established distribution outlets.  If you are able to work with the factory direct many times you can get a better price, but that comes at a price such as doing more of the work yourself like measuring the work area that needs covered, signing off on production prints and either installing the crane of contracting out the installation.  Either way it is best to evaluate the product alone and determine what is the best investment for your company.

Now go online, type in overhead cranes in Google and search away.  Educate yourself and make an informed decision.  Don’t just accept what is thrown at you by local vendors.  Ask the hard questions and don’t settle for a mediocre product.  Your money is hard earned and should be treated as such.  



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