Why you should choose Quick-Lift Systems™?

Jul 19, 2017 | Balancers


With Quick-Lift Systems™ you increase the productivity in your company. One of the reasons is that work injury and sick leave are minimized. Quick-Lift has been developed and refined over a long period of time and through intense collaboration with various players in the automotive industry. The solution complies with the most stringent production requirements and that it contributes to less wear in general. Over time the system gives you a high and consistent production speed and at the same time the working conditions will be gentler for the user. It is not a surprising that Quick-Lift is the leading solution in the world today.


In the long run, poor ergonomics have far too high a price for both the company and its personnel. That ́s why we have developed lift systems that make it easy to avoid unnecessary strains in form of heavy lifting, and unnatural twisting. With Quick-Lift Systems™ you will have a direct extension of the hand’s movements. Regardless of the load you only need a minimal maneuver power to perform a step less and flexible lifting moment. For example, you only need 20 g maneuver power to handle loads up to 300 kg.  That’s like lifting a set of car keys.


With Quick-Lift Systems™ you will have unique possibilities to control your load with increased precision. Through the maneuver handle, your movements are converted into electrical signals and thereby directly influencing the lifting speed. There is no jerking or other unexpected movement, since your hand movements control the lift intuitively. In fact, it is easy to lift with just one hand and simultaneously perform another precision step with the other.


The built-in safety functions in Quick-Lift System™ make it possible for you to perform all lifts in a safe way. At unforeseen circumstances such as power failures, the load is automatically secured. When the handle is released, the built-in control technology holds the load in equilibrium and the lift cannot be overloaded.


With Quick-Lift Systems™ precisionspeedergonomics and safety are always in balance. This is the key for us being able to assist you in minimizing work injuries and absenteeism while optimizing productivity.

The electrical driven lifting device and its griping tools are adapted to each process, regardless of the industry. To this date, we have manufactured more than 2,000 different gripping devices with either vacuum, clamp, magnetic or mechanical functions.

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