Zero Gravity Lift Manufacturer Improves Ergonomics

Aug 18, 2016 | Cranes

Improving ergonomics in the workplace started decades ago in the automotive industry where repetitive motions on the assembly line were causing injuries.  These injuries can directly affect the production cycle causing unnecessary down time or slow production cycles which translate into reduced profits for the manufacturer.  Today, ergonomic concerns are becoming more common place whereas the industry and companies value the wellbeing of their employees and are investing into zero gravity lifts.

The industry that was once a “niche” market has now transformed into a market segment all its own.  Many companies were aware of this industry trend taking place and made the investment to move in that direction.  Some of these companies were already in the material handling industry and some were newly formed being solely dedicated to this new ergonomics market.  You will see products specifically dedicated to balancing loads or putting them in float mode so that they follow the motion of the user, fall arrest products that are designed to secure the user to an overhead track system that prevents the user from falling while performing desired tasks and  lift tables that bring the work surface up to a desired height that feels comfortable to the user to name a few.

Where to Buy a Zero Gravity Lift

One thing to keep in mind when looking for a zero gravity lift for sale is that not all lifts are created equal.  Many look the same and may seem to function the same way, but there are significant differences between products available on the market. It is best to take multiple units for a “test drive”.  Many users get locked into one product without proper knowledge and get multiple quotes on that same product only to find out after the sale that they are not truly happy.  The last thing you want to do is buy a product that does not get used and that is exactly what happens to companies that don’t do their research first.  At this point it is extremely difficult to justify another purchase to correct the initial mistake of buying an inferior product.  

Check out the industry leader in zero gravity lifts or product balancers.

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