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Trench Boxes | Production, durability and value is the Titan Series mainlinetrench shields. With standard features not matched anywhere else in the industry our trench shields, include; solid welded, forged steel spreader collars, 16’’ on center outside skin supports, internal pounding members, and much more.  Our trench shields are designed by a contractor with the contractor in mind.

These class leading features will give you a trench box [trench shield] that will last you for many years to come, and increase your productivity in the trench. Our approach to manufacturing trench shields, along with our history in the trench, give you an unbeatable value.  If you are in the market for a trench shields that is built to last you have come to the right trench shield manufacturer.

Mainline Trench Boxes

Titan Series Trench Shields

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Titan Series Trench Shields

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Titan Series Trench Shields

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Titan Series Trench Shields

The Titan Series Trench Box [trench shield] was designed and built with nothing but the contractor in mind. This series trench shield brings the most innovative, productive and longest-lasting trench shields available to the market. Titan Series [trench shields offers some features and benefits that are only available on a Kundel shield, such as:

  • Solid Welded
  • Solid Forged Spreader Collars
  • All-Steel Design
  • Internal Pounding Members
  • Formed Internal Skin
  • Outside Skin Supported 16’’ On Center

These are just a few of the features guaranteed to increase your productivity while giving you a more durable, lighter-weight product than anything else out there.  For information on our Stone Boxes Click Here.  Click and Check out the OSHA Trench Safety Fact Sheet here.


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