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Aug 23, 2016 | Cranes

There are a variety of options for moving loads around your facility and many products that cater specifically to that market.  There are many manufacturers of forklifts, bridge cranes, rolling carts, lift tables, conveyors, and jib cranes to name a few.  Forklifts can be a very valuable asset in your operation if you have adequate floor space to support that decision… the same can be said for rolling carts.  Many times a factory floor is like real estate and it comes at a premium since every square foot has a predetermined cost or value.  Lift tables and conveyors also utilize valuable floor space, but are typically placed in areas specific to product movement and therefore tend to be very effective means of supporting and moving products.  Bridge crane manufacturers not only typically make bridge cranes, but they may also make jib cranes cater to a larger more cost conscience clientele that many not have the funds to purchase a complete bridge crane system.

Jib Crane Options

When choosing a jib crane or jib crane manufacturer there are surprising quite a few options available in the market today and some options include; 180 degree of rotation, 270 degree of rotation and 360 degrees of rotation and each of these options typically include the ability to have a standard headroom and a “low headroom” option.  This refers to the “boom” or the jib arm that cantilevers from the base of the jib crane.  When users have low ceilings or high lift needs then the low headroom is a much-desired route, but sometimes this route is more expensive due to the more components that are built into the product to achieve this result.  

Jib Crane Prices | Ballpark Figures

As of late more and more manufacturers are trying to also offer a new feature or option for jib cranes.  This is commonly referred to as “foundationless jib cranes”.  What foundationless means is that it does not require the user to hire a contractor to come out and cut up and dig up the floor to pour a new concrete base or foundation for the jib crane.  More often than not the foundation is four feet square and four feet deep and can cost up to $4,000 for this foundation.  Foundationless does not require this expensive foundation and can typically be anchored down to a 6″ to 8″ concrete floor with 4,000 psi strength.  So when purchasing an inexpensive jib crane you need to look at all the cost involved in jib crane prices.  A cheap $3,000 – $4,000 jib crane also costs another $4,000 in concrete.  So now this $4,000 jib crane costs $8,000! And every time that you move it you spend another $4,000!  If you move that same jib crane up to four times you can have $16,000 in a cheap $4,000 jib crane.  At that point you would be better off purchasing a whole crane system.    

Foundationless jib cranes manufactured by Kundel Cranes come complete with a pod system that are able to get more anchors to the ground and therefore eliminate the need for expensive foundations to be installed.

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