Lift Assist Jib Arms

Floor or Wall Mounted Solutions | Built-In Float Mode and 360° Handle Rotation

QL A Quick-Lift Arm is a manipulator arm that either can be mounted on floor standing pillars or wall / ceiling mounted brackets. They are used in all type of industries to improve the working environment as well as the efficienzy of material handling and increased productivity.

QL AT is a torque solution ideal for handling excentric loads.
QL AC is optimized to use in high hygiene environment e.g. in the food industry.
QAT is an articulated arm with a tool panel. The perfect, all-purpose workstation that is always there, where it is needed.
The QL A is available in the weight classes 50, 100, 200 and 300 kg.

QL A 50i Zero Gravity Jib Arm

QL A 50i

110 lb Capacity

QL A 100i Zero Gravity Jib Arm

QL A 100i

220 lb Capacity

595 lbs Weight

QL A 200i Zero Gravity Jib Arm

QL A 200i

440 lb Capacity

778 lbs Weight

QL A 300i Zero Gravity Jib Arm

QL A 300i

660 lb Capacity

762 lbs Weight

QL AT 125i Zero Gravity Jib Arm

QL AT 125i

275 lb Capacity

QL AC 75i Zero Gravity Jib Arm

QL AC 75i

165 lb Capacity


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