Refresh, Renew, Retool with Kundel Cranes

Feb 2, 2022 | Cranes, Jib Cranes

United States gross domestic product expanded 5.7% last year, the fastest pace since 1984 as reported by CNN’s Christine Romans. As home sales continue to soar and economic growth is strong heading into Spring, sales of small engine equipment are also likely to be strong. Kundel Cranes is your solution in material handling to provide safety, efficiency, and consistency in your manufacturing processes. Use of the proper material handling equipment can reshape a workforce in significant ways.

Best Practices Transform Workforces with Proper Material Handling

Industry leaders in any manufacturing class use best practices to be safe, efficient, and consistent. The following are especially relevant to material handling applications:

  • · Lean Manufacturing – by identifying what adds value and eliminating what does not, lean manufacturing minimizes defects, limits wasted motion, and eliminates many other inefficiencies.
    •  SNAPTRAC (1/2 Ton light duty) and KTRAC (up to 3 Ton customized) overhead bridge cranes provide safe material handling in a consistent motion each time.
  • · Enabling Automation – incorporating process automation on the floor streamlines processes and reduces production costs.
    • Patented Quick-Lift Systems provide multiple choices including ergonomic product grippers, balancers, and jib arms. These systems transform heavy lifting into part of an efficient and precise production chain.

Proper Tooling Leads to Increased Returns

Proper tools to tackle any project coupled with industry best practices in manufacturing can revolutionize a business in dramatic fashion. At the manufacturing plant of Kundel Industries, our goal is to be your supplier of cranes and ergonomic lifting systems so that in return you see increased production and safety in your workforce. Retool your business with Kundel Cranes Production Safety Equipment.

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