Transportation Keeps the Economy Moving Forward

Oct 18, 2021 | Cranes


Let’s face it, most of us may be guilty of this. Whether we are pouring a glass of milk or fueling the vehicle for life’s adventures, do we really think about how the products we use every day make it into our hands? The trucking industry is the backbone of the US economy. Supply chains logistics have been disrupted dramatically throughout the last two years. Challenges in material scarcity, increased freight prices, difficult demand forecasting, port congestion, changing consumer attitudes, and labor shortages have left companies scrambling to realign. While we rely so heavily on the trucking industry to deliver what we need in our national economy, Kundel is there to support all stainless-steel fluid haulers with custom solutions in material handling equipment.

Kundel Industries manufactures and designs products for the American working class. Our material handling solutions can provide key aid for shipping liquid freight at any point along the process. Proper procedures and oversight are essential when loading, unloading or tank washing these 5,000-6,000-gallon stain-less steel fluid handlers. These haulers can come with not only a heavy price tag at up to $125,000 but quite possibly some heavy lifting too! Our lifts, hoists, and custom overhead bridge cranes are used to increase the production flow in the manufacturing process of these haulers by aiding the assembly teams as the product moves throughout the assembly line.

We at Kundel are vigilant about supporting our fellow American’s quest to keep America moving. In the words of Steve Jobs, “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” Our vision in manufacturing custom lifting solutions to assist the American trucking industry and workforce remains our top priority. Got Kundel?


Written by: Jennifer Balest

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