Pre-designed, Packaged Automation Kits – Ready To Go


Pre-designed, Packaged Automation Kits – Ready To Go

iSTRUT® developed End Effector kits and a light duty Toque Arm kit from iSTRUT® Kits that enhance ergonomic required processes that empowers the craftsperson to work safe with no wasted moves. Grid frames that rotate that can rotate up to 3 axis, Flat lift, flat to vertical lift, 180 vertical rotation, and 360 flip. The toque Arm can move parts in and out of pigeon holes. The End Effectors are Designed and assembled from modular istrut components.

Features & Benefits

  • Built from robust modular iSTRUT® Barrel Tube aluminum extrusions, and steel clamping systems
  • Grid frame can be re-configured
  • Vacuum, Grip, and Magnet lifting systems
  • The istrut Toque Arm is a simple mechanism that enables manual movement in and out of pigeon hole environments


  • Energy system

Automation Kits


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