Crane Rail Mounted Solutions

There are two different rail mounted solutions availabe. The QL R, Quiick-Lif Rail and QL D, Quick-Lift Driven. Both systems can either be ceiling mounted or mounted in free standing steel constructions.

QL R is a rail mounted solution that you easily move manually in x/y direction. The up and down movement is made by grabbing the handle and moving your hand up and down. No buttons needed.

QL D has a unique lifting equipment with driving motors in x/y direction. It automatically follows the operators smalest movements. It is a fantastic lifting equipment to use for larger working areas or where speed, accuracy and smooth movements are a necessity.

QL R 125i

Quick-Lift Rail

QL R 200i

Quick-Lift Rail

QL R 300i

Quick-Lift Rail


Quick-Lift Driven


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