Lift Assist Balancers

Crane Rail Mounted Solutions | | Built-In Float Mode and 360° Handle Rotation

Zero Gravity Balancers are ideal for glass handling lifting solutions that can pick up and move small to large windows using our vacuum lifting attachments with precise control. The zero gravity balancers are also great for repetitive lifting in assembly processes to avoid operator fatigue.

Zero Gravity Balancers are an ergonomic lifting solution that helps to not only reduce injuries in the workplace, but also creates a fluid assembly process where products can free-float giving the feeling of the parts being weightless which increases operator and assembly efficiency.

NEO 30

66 lb Capacity

QL R 125i

275 lb Capacity

61 lbs Weight

QL R 200i

440 lb Capacity

61 lbs Weight

QL R 300i

660 lb Capacity

94 lbs Weight


660 lb Capacity


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