Innovative Ergonomic Lifting

Mar 16, 2022 | Balancers

Kundel Industries: Solutions for Ergonomic Lifting Needs

Companies who manufacture doors and windows have unique material handling needs. Kundel Industries recognizes that these manufacturers need tailored support for each line that is being developed. Kundel offers a comprehensive line of ergonomic and intelligent lifting devices with both standard and customized solutions to create a safe and efficient manufacturing environment.

Project Based Analysis and Design

Making the call to Kundel Industries puts you immediately in touch with a specialist who walks you through your project scope and helps determine how our Grippers, Balancers and Jib Arms can become invaluable assets in your assembly processes. Below are some examples of companies and projects who have found solutions with Kundel products.

Masonite: Masonite’s project in Lawrenceville, Georgia incorporates a 5-meter 100kg Ergonomic Jib Arm with custom vacuum gripper and mechanical tilt function with 3-suction cups. Using this solution, the operator will be able to pick a piece of glass in a vertical position, and then tilt it 90 degrees so it can be placed on a glazing table.

JELD-WEN: JELD-WEN’s project in Vista, CA includes the addition of three new production lines each equipped with a 4-meter 300kg Ergonomic Jib Arm. The lines will all have a custom ergonomic glass tool with various applications like pneumatic tilt function, manual in/out horizontal cup adjustment, and pneumatic rotation and tilt. Currently JELD-WEN’s Rantoul, Illinois location is working with our consultant specialist to add a line that would use a 5-meter 200 kg Ergonomic Jib Arm with a standard vacuum lift for glass.

Therma Tru Doors: Therma Tru Doors project in Butler, Indiana chose the 5-meter 100 kg Ergonomic Jib Arm as a critical essential design for lifting wooden doors and stacking them.

Beyond Ergonomic Lifting

We value our relationships with customers and take pride in providing custom solutions that transform their manufacturing processes. In addition to ergonomic lifting solutions, Kundel Industries offers numerous other material handling products including monorails, overhead bridge cranes, floor cranes, and jib cranes. Kundel Industries is your design partner for all aspects of material handling.

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